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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hucker, DGAF Dan, and Joey Cordova @ Woodward West

During a trip to Woodward this summer, these three homies wanted to throwdown on the courses and try to shoot an edit and I was more than happy to accept the offer. Unfortunately, with bad luck haunting the trip, Dan Norvell broke his foot in the process so he had to cut his shooting short but he still produced a couple massive clips for this video.

Friday, July 30, 2010

2011 Haro Bikes Line w/ Allan Cooke

While in town for the X Games, Allan Cooke had a couple of the industry media guys come over to the Haro warehouse where we were introduced to the new Haro line, fed, and given a chance to ride their awesome ramp setup. It was great times and I can't thank Allan and Haro enough.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Backyard Ramps w/ Dan Norvell

I came down to Murrieta California to stay with Dan Norvell for a few days during X Games. While out riding his yard we decided to do a quick feature on the ramps.

Friday, July 16, 2010

R.I.P. Adam Stokes

Here's a piece from last April when I got word that Vegas shredder Adam Stokes had passed. Like many in the Vegas BMX scene, he was one of my childhood heros who helped keep me involved in BMX. I still have much respect for this man. Shine on.

The SkateCity Hot Pocket BMX Jam

In March I organized a contest at the local indoor skatepark in Vegas, Skatecity. This is the promo video I filmed a few weeks before to draw attention to our efforts. It's basically just a lights out edit with Mark Rubio, Mike Payne, Dan Quinn, and Justin Stapleton.

Huntington Beach Session w/ DGAF Dan

Huntington Beach Session w/ DGAF Dan - More BMX Videos

I vacationed in Laguna Beach this summer and while out there I took a day to head up to Huntington Beach to spend the day with Dan Norvell. This guy is crazy good and also one of the nicest people I've ever met. Good times.

Adam Banton Bike Check

Adam Banton Video Bike Check - More BMX Videos

I went to Woodward for a few days and met up with Salt-Lake-based-world-traveler Adam Banton. He got hurt filming for an edit but we managed to pump out this sweet bike check before hand.

Cult Premiere + Jam @ Fox Headquarters

Cult Premiere + Jam @ Fox Headquarters - More BMX Videos

I stopped by the Fox Headquarters in Irvine, California, to cover a jam they were having and get the 411 on the new Cult video "Let EM' Talk"

Anytime Jam

I drove down to Venice Beach for this years Anytime Jam at the SPAUSA ramp.

DGAF Dan in Las Vegas

DGAF Dan in Las Vegas - More BMX Videos

Dan Norvell had a Team Soil show in Las Vegas and while he was here we went out to film this edit. It was amazing on the park day, however the street day was rather rainy and windy. We battled through and he produced this dope edit.

Robert + Ariel

Highlights from the 4-22-10 wedding of Robert DeNinnis and Ariel Gove.

Mike Payne @ Pro Park

Mike Payne @ Pro Park - More BMX Videos

Mike Payne took a pretty bad fall on a double backflip at this years Extreme Thing. He made a strong recover and is back to shredding. I headed out to Pro Park with him for the afternoon to film this return edit. Thanks to Josh Metz for the DSLR work.

Daniel Dhers in Las Vegas

Daniel Dhers in Las Vegas - More BMX Videos

Venezuelan Greenville transplant Daniel Dhers took a trip to Vegas for Kyle Carlson's wedding and while in town filmed this short piece.

Vans Then and Now - Dennis McCoy

Vans Then and Now - Dennis McCoy - More BMX Videos

Took a day trip to Woodward to film the legendary DMC. Dennis is an awesome guy with a mouth that could spew great stories all day long. This edit was for a series Vans is doing on Vital where the team discusses the brand from its humble beginnings, their involvment, and where they see the brand going in the future.

Bryant Shepherd @ Skatecity

Bryant Shepherd @ Skatecity - More BMX Videos

Bryant is from Pocatello, Idaho, but he traveled out to Las Vegas, Nevada to shred Skatecity. This dude is coming up fast and has an incredibly variety of technical and burly tricks.

Skatecity Hot Pocket Jam

Skatecity Hot Pocket Jam - More BMX Videos

All of the radness from Skatecity's Hot Pocket Jam that went down on 3/14. Highlights include a brakeless double backflip on a small box jump and a 720 barspin to My video camera's death.

Southwest Winter Mix

Southwest Winter Mix - More BMX Videos

Riding highlights from this past winter in the Southwest featuring Josh Betley, Joey Cordova, Nick Happel, and more.

Life to a Dead End

Life to a Dead End from Ryan Galvan on Vimeo.

Short film I worked on with some students from UNLV. It was a good time and we certainly learned a lot.