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Freelance Cinematography and Film Production. Although qualified for any type of production, for the past few years I have mainly been shooting projects within the action sports community.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Chase Dehart @ Woodward West

For spring break I took a trip up to Woodward West's Spring Week and rode with some campers and visiting homies. Robbie Morales and Chase Dehart were in attendance repping Cult. These guys know how BMX is suppose to be. Chase and I filmed a few simple clips and he made them look really good.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mirraco's Co-Operation Desert Storm Tour

I rolled down to Arizona for a weekend to do a shop tour with Mirraco Bikes and Nigel Sylvester. This edit documents the action that went down at the different shop demos.

Bell's Pat Casey Edit

Pat Casey is one of the next generations most talented riders. He recently got added to the Bell Helmets team, so I made my way out to California and we spent a few days shooting for this Welcome to the Team edit. He's a super nice guy and the talent speaks for itself.

Jared Eberwein Bike Check

Jared Eberwein rides for Redline out of the Inland Empire. When I was in California, we met up at Da Compound in Perris for this quick bike check.

2011 Simpel Session - Tallinn, Estonia

In Feburary, I went to Tallinn, Estonia, for the 2011 Simpel Session. It was by far the best BMX event I've been to with a crazy local atmosphere and a vibe around the venue that produced some of the most amazing riding I've ever witnessed. Check out the Finals Highlights here and Qualifying after the jump.

Van Homan Video Bike Check

I was lucky enough to travel overseas to Tallinn, Estonia, for the 2011 Simpel Session. While I was there covering the event, I caught up with Van Homan and had him give me a rundown of his current ride.

Matt Closson Video Bike Check

Vegas local Matt Closson got added to the Diamondback flow team and when he got his new rig, I put out this bike check for him. He threw in some awesome riding as well.

Snafu Roadtrip Videos

I went on a trip with Snafu through Southern California and documented some of the action that went down into these three edits, hosted on Vitalbmx.com. I had a ton of laughs and the trip turned out pretty awesome.